So What's This Blog All About?

Come on now. You aren't one of these people that read the damn manual are you? Oh I get just want to cut to the chase.

Fantastical Nonsense is a humor blog. It's entirely orginal. I make up the topics, the observations, the concepts. Creativity and originality are EVERYTHING in my world.

VE is a made up person. He's me, but not completely. He's got his own style: juvenile but creative. Crazy but lazy. Wity, not shitty. You get the idea. little avatar picture is the real me with a Howdy Doody crayon box (now replaced with one of my gnomes) over my face so that I may keep my actual job without them finding out I actually don't work at all.

Quit bitchin' about the urine colored background. I like it that's my way of sneaking up on you and putting your hand in a cup of warm liquid while you're sleeping. It's gonna make you pee one way or another: either through laughter or through subliminal color transference.

There are over a thousand posts here but less than 5 with my true actual picture.

Ok, ok, I steal photos mercilessly to use here. But I typically always use them for my own comedy. I do create a lot of my own stuff too. There are many funny photos on here you will find nowhere else...because I created them!

This is actually multiple blogs. I've got the "Home" one that contains the post material. I typically post 5 times a week (Monday through Friday) but it is a blog and I'll do whatever I feel like. The other blogs comprise this piece, my song parodies, my "Photos of the Day" and a section for the "best of"

I'm a social blogger. If you comment I will almost always comment back. If you comment, I'll link your blog up on mine. I keep a periodic running tally of all those that have commented and sort my blog roll based on that tally.

So enjoy....